Mariya Mazur Udovenko offers an intense and comprehensive music program based upon the traditional Russian School of teaching. The Russian teaching system embraces much more than just the action of hands and fingers – the development of the artistic intellect is also emphasized. Fundamentals of the Russian School include: the development of an artistic self image, creative hearing, the importance of clear musical intonation at all times, and the highest standard of artistic performance even during practice sessions. These values enrich the students’ minds, broaden their character and enhance their playing.

Technical excellence is pursued continually. Students begin working on scales, arpeggios and studies at a very early age. Sight reading and ear training are considered an integral part of the program and are woven into many of the sessions. Much work is done on the control of touch, tone and the correct hand position. Mariya believes that many technical problems can be solved by focusing the students’ hearing on the value of sound, which helps them recognize and prevent playing errors.

Mariya also brings to her teaching a careful assessment of each student’s learning style and abilities. This allows her to customize her lesson plans to ensure that every student maintains a high level of self confidence and a sense of accomplishment and pleasure in their playing. Practice assignments are clearly explained and are targeted at developing specific skills needed by that individual.

As part of their musical development, students are provided the opportunity to perform in public recital twice a year.

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  • Mariya Udovenko, M. Mus., B. Mus., RMT
  • Bosendorfer Educator of Canada
  • Master of Music in Solo Piano Performance (with distinction)
  • Master of Music in Collaborative Performance (with distinction)
  • Master of Music in Accompaniment (with distinction)
  • Master of Music in Pedagogy (with distinction)
  • Member, BC Registered Music Teacher’s Association